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Hi friend! I’m Nicole, a freelance content creator + writer. I created Social Media Detox after connecting with online creators + noticing one recurring theme:

We’re all really exhausted.

Social Media Detox is a weekly newsletter with content tips and mental health resources to help you unplug when you literally can’t unplug.

Need a social media break?

What can I expect in this newsletter?

✨ Professional hot takes on recent social media industry topics

✨ TL;DR of marketing and social media articles/blogs

✨ Juicy CTAs with links to wellness resources particularly useful for content creators

How often will I get this newsletter?

Every Thursday morning (eastern time)!

Why should I subscribe to *another* newsletter?

Because it'll make our pup Jessie super happy. Honestly though, you don't have to subscribe to this – you can get all my content on Twitter or Instagram or my blog. But you won't get my recommendations of resources from others. You won't get my hot takes. You also won't get it in a quick + easy format delivered right to you.

Your call, I won't judge.

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